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Saturday, August 10, 2013 – Le Christina-Madeleine Apartment  is ready for rent, please click the link and see the available dates to visit Nice France!
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Cooking seafood pasta a la Francesca

Saturday, June 01, 2013
Some asked me the recipe, so this is how i remember mine:
This is a menu Italian, tagliatelle pasta with seafood.Copied by the french though, haha.
How to make this menu?
As far as I remember:
Have some:
-shrimps,squid(no tint),crab meat (or crab flavored sticks sliced in cubes) ,mussels in shells,(total 1 kilo of seafood)
- half cup of white wine, 3 onions,1 whole garlic, 
-3 200 ml tomatoes in can, basilic leaves(optional)
shrimp cubes, fish soup in bottle or box , olive oil, salt, pepper, sugar, fish sauce
butter, fresh cream, 2 cubes sugar, spicy sauce (optional)
Parmesan cheese grated
Pasta (tagliatelle or spaghetti) one kilo (for 5 persons)
The more the sauce and seafood, the better your cooking it, hehe
How to make the sauce:

Saute the onions, when brown add garlic, then white wine, add mixed seafood,
Mix stir, then add butter, olive oil, sugar, fish soup, fresh cream, butter,and after five minutes of stirring in low fire, put the tomato sauce, spicy sauce and basilic leaves.
Taste if salt is okay if not put fish sauce, then set aside.
White wine added if there's no 'ting' on the taste.
Cook pasta by packet instruction, when done, strain to get rid the water, put olive oil to the hot pan (fire off please) and put the pasta stirring well to sink in the olive oil.

Put pasta in flat big pan, then add the pasta sauce with the seafood on top, sprinkle the parmesan cheese.
Serve hot. Good to eat with the rest of your white wine.

If it didn't do well (your own cooking of the seafood pasta), it is because  you must be -in Italy- to enjoy it, haha
It is like  eating noodles when in China, the noodles taste better.
 He he he.

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Scotland to London to Nice France....

Thursday, May 30, 2013
Bonjour! Part 2

The continuation on my trip to Scotland was as exciting, because when I check my mail the next day, in London, the hotel was accusing me of stealing their guests' luggage.

The hotel said in email that they already informed the police about my identity because i booked the hotel by internet and my bank details and in that reason, IF i do not return the luggages of their guests, i will be banned for traveling. (Gusto ko matakot,(wishing to get scared) but instead, I laughed and get irritated at the same time)
Another email from the owner of the luggages, asking me where she can met me, she is presently in London and the hotel said, we are from London too. She seems polite in her email than the accusing hotel owner!
Goodie, I dont need to send their luggages by post, save money and time! I answered the lady that we were in Chelsea area and if she can meet me before Wed, or I am off to France,on that day, I cannot anymore see them, after that day.
She said she was ready to see me today.
We called her phone number she provided, and made an appointment at the bus stop below the apartment I was staying.
She mentioned three bags. We found only one bag.
She said it is a bag black, a back pack bag and a shopping bag of Primark with neck pillows and little souvenir girls bags.
We searched the house, found two black bags but before giving it to them,w e asked the group, one said: its mine, the other said, I owned that, dont give that away!

We were laughing because even a Gap shirt of my sister, I was ready to give it away, because I dont owned it, no one owns it, the owner, is my sister who was presently in the toilet, haha.
Eventually we found those bags, which it not really great things inside, some are single servings of butter, marmalade,coca cola, some stuffs from the hotel! olalalah

We met the owners, they are Indian origin touring around UK, seems very intelligent the way they speak, english perfect, and they said, we do not want the hotel to handle the luggages search because after that, they will charge us the bill, etc etc.Good point. We gave them the complete stuffs, less the breakfast stuffs they "carry" (not stolen) from the hotel.

It turned out that the room the hotel gave us is the hotel room to leave luggages, because the hall area is on another street to cross, but the cleaning lady mixed things while sorting the room, and voila, we just grab everything , when checked out.
Honest mistake, but it is still annoying, it cost us time, money and hassles.

My last days in UK, i slept in Woolwich, where, after, two weeks later, there was a murder of a british soldier,in the news, killed by two terrorist. Great, I was out of UK, already.

Went to Victoria Station, by taxi  that day to go to Gatwick  airport,with my sister adelfa and cousins Edgar and his family.
As usual, going out of UK border is a  hassle.
The check in was smooth at the airport, but when I passed the scanning, the boarding pass machine says, it is invalid!
What is this joke! I checked in by the airline staff of Easyjet, gave me the go ahead to go in to my flight, and it says: Invalid boarding pass! Grrrr!
An airport officer checked my status in scanning area and told me, my departure airport is not here at South Terminal, I must check in at the North Terminal.
Olalalah! South and North Terminal is far, fifteen minutes by tube and escalator walk, and i have a ten kilos hand carry, with zero wheel luggage! GRRRRrrr!

I complained to the airline attendant of easyjet, she was shocked of HER error, she went inside the luggages to hold mine, because it must be brought to the NORTH terminal of Gatwick Airport!

And I have ten minutes to go before they close the plane! olalalah

I ran, I stumbled people, arrived at the gate, good enough the people are too slow in embarking, and whew, I was in.
Sitting inside the plane, the stewardess asked me my boarding pass , looked at it, and told me:
" Please come with me, if i can recognize a luggage waiting at the door entrance of the plane."

Passengers were looking at me: I know what they are thinking: My luggage is in trouble, this lady(me) is in trouble, maybe a bomb was checked in my luggage, or a dangerous gun or drugs. Well, thats how I thought what they WERE THINKING. Im not even sure.

(When a stewardess inside a plane announced: "Please go with me to recognize a luggage"... implies things, you see. Negative things...)
At the door of the plane, there... my lonely luggage begging me to recognize her, to let her inside the plane, to bring her to Nice, France.(Kala bata eh, iiwanan)
I told the lady:
Of course it is mine; it was your airline staff that made the error to check it in in the south terminal of the airport instead in the North, I have to run miles to get here!!

All ends well. Flight took me two hours.
At Nice Airport, Lolo picked me up, pay airport parking fee of 9€. I asked him, why that expensive, did you stay long inside the airport?
He said: Madame, you told me you arrive 18H, now it is 22H!

Whew, Lolo ESKAYTED !?
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frenchman's story

Sunday, May 19, 2013
Bonjour I would like to share this experience of a  frenchman, how he started a filipino culture and life in Cebu:
copy pasted and translated from a forum:

"The only thing I can do is tell you mine
it was 15 years ago and the paper level it changes, can be
already done with the embassy for the organization, the banns in your city and your docs ..... etc., the identity of the girl, not easy to validate birth by three Filipino offices including Malacanang, a small passage to NBI also
after the civil wedding no problem once every doc reunited and agreement of a small embassy appointment with the judge and two witnesses each, almost immediate

after a philippina want a religious marriage and a beautiful party
it was a great memory and a super successful party can be for 2/3000 euros
the great religious wedding in the church of Guadalupe cebu like it has the certificate of baptism , communion etc., plus a small meeting with the priest before and of course confession
a lot of preparation, renting a dress for wedding and buy barong tagalog for me buying flowers for church, full of white flowers in the aisle, and the best car rental etc ....
choose sponsors for the religious marriage 5 men and 5 women
a lot of work to organize and I thank my French friend who was my witness and sponsor who's also ready to play along and well supported me
for the party I'd planned to do those in the house I rented, had a great garden with a restaurant and caterer had to organize everything I'd just order three more lechon baboy and drink Australian wine and beer (me: ha ha)
no luck on the day of wedding, Thyphoon alert # 2, and non-stop rain
we could fetch it all in the restaurant ,finally , 90 guests, in the end it was 130 with a dozen gate crashers.(me again laughing)
the evening back home it rained some more , followed by music in the gardens rock n roll, and chacha , i dance well , while having alcohol but good view,(drunk ) with some small shot of alcohol along the way...

I'd prepared a lot of alcoholic drinks, and therefore stayed and partied another week , while suffering with my new mother in law.

great memory for me and also some Filipinas are always close to me...(wink)

after 10 years and 2 great children we started divorce proceedings but that is another story just as exciting...

(He had an exciting start, lol)
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London again and edinbrugh scotland

May 3-9 2013, I was in London, took Easyjet plane, and arriving at Gatwick airport, I  took a train to Victoria station, and again, took a bus  no.11 to Edith Groove, Chealsea. I was on my own, to lodge in my sister's house Analiza.
There's a  plan (with them )to visit edinburgh, scotland the next day.
I stayed a night with them, drank white wine from France, (we were boozers) haha, then went to Scotland from London by train the next day trip at 7am, i booked a hotel, and my train tickets , arriving at weaverley train station,Edinbrugh, we were 8 total family members, and we took a taxi to go to our hotel. The hotel gave us three rooms, one room with 8 beds, second room with three beds and third room with three beds also. We were only 8 and the hotel provides 3rooms with 14beds!

Olalah, we wre laughing because we do not know which is which to sleep, haha.

After installing on each room, we went out to roam the  city of edinburgh, we took a bus, cost us 3.50£ one day unlimited hop on hop off, and while going around, we entered shops, and i found a nice coat, for X.xx £ on second hand shop.Good quality ones, feeling Victoria Becham me, haha.Less the ten inches high heels of course.

Quality leather with furs, mama mia, so cheap, feeling madame, lol. Then the whole group started to shop for themselves too, shoes, bags, souvenirs, hats, and eventually after ten shops, we have  each hand one or two shopping bags each to carry.
And we were hungry.
It was almost 3pm, bus tour stops at five pm, shops close at six pm, so we ate in KFC to economize our budget kasi this is unplanned really, we decided this trip on a quick general assembly, haha; Masarap, yummy, and  we walked back to our hotel, dumped the bags and i announced ->thirty minutes rest only<- again="" and="" hit="" must="" p="" road.="" the="" we="">Hello, we are on holiday, why stay in bed!!! Hala, move, everyone must move their butt!
(I take advantage, while no one plans something yet, haha)

No, the thirty minutes went to one hour because some "young ones" in our group are not used to walk, or run, or get crazy to go out.Yet.
Then i announced, why not we watch a show, "THE EDINBURGH DUNGEON"?

It is a scary museum, where kids will be screaming to death inside. I told Joan, my 15years old niece to search the schedule via her IPAD. My idea is to dump the kids there, get scared, then they sleep early and the adults will enjoy the evening, either in a pub or in side one of the hotel rooms having tsika tsika.

But, edinburgh dungeon closes at 5pm, it was already 6pm, haha.

No chance to scare the kids. Me being nasty, i do not have the children so "Im alright Jack."
So, I announced once again : to watch IRON MAN3 film instead.
I asked my niece to see  what are the cinema schedules?
She said in thirty minutes!
Olaaah, do we have the time? In Europe, you watch films in the cinema only once, then you go out, thats it, not like in philippines, the whole day stay in the cinema, "bulok mata" its up to you.

So I announced (minus a trumpet ):
"Anyone ready in ten minutes?, join me in the bus stop, i'll give a treat  to the cinema."
Everyone hurried to grab their bag and coat and joined me haha.
bah, ayaw nyo wag nyo, me, I go!

If they dont want to...they stay at the hotel... this is an invitation... we are on holiday... why stuck in a hotel, lol
The  problem is the bus is late on schedule,plus  we dont know where is the cinema in edinburgh.
I called a taxi, and told the kids, come, jump in.

While, their parents  can take another taxi, and arriving there, i bought 8 tickets to IRON MAN 3.
The group are in hara hara, where are we now, lost in nowhere mood, but off we go inside the cinema.
Film is more on kiddos, but a bit okay for the oldies, hehe.

After the film, we decided to get a meal, italian, pasta and pizza.
One of us asked the cinema attendant, where can we eat, pizza?
She answered, not far but a bit of walk.
How about chinese?
I answered: In China!
We all laugh! Plus the lady.
We installed in an Italian Resto...
Each one share the bill, we even have a liter of wine.
One kid was complaining, he is tired.
The mother said to the waiter, "if you can hurry the meals,because  one kid is tired.
One way for the scots to give the message: hey, you just arrive, you want to be served quick?
Mother said: No, its  okay, we stay.

Which in my opinion, kids are supposed to be in bed before 9pm, but its like that, we were on holidays, no one will stay with the kid inside the hotel.
Ano, nanny, haha
After all, where we shall  go, the kid goes too, or dont bring a kid to holiday.
Alam mo yun? Ok, im nasty, mia culpa, haha.

But i can understand, each one has their own thing to do, and with a group of 8, we cannot be unite once in a while what to do , where to go.
But it was a good start at scotland.
We arrived at hotel almost midnight, and each one jumped to get a shower, get in on each pajamas and went to bed.
In my  room of three beds, (lucky me) I took a shower, put on  my pajamas, earplugs , eye covers and sleep off. Ahh, nice bed, good night to the crickets!
Alarm of iphone rang at 8am.Breakfast time!
I changed clothes, arranged my stuffs, and went outside.
Breakfast is buffet, cereals, bread toasts, fruits coffee and milk ,juices , marmalade and butter.
Children took bananas and here comes one of the parent distribute bananas to each child which the hotel attendant did not appreciate telling the parent that there are some guests that might want also some bananas, so please leave some.
Okey, it is a bit weird, but this is scotland. Buffet for them must be not buffet, it is limited buffet, haha.
I just took my minimum breakfast and went out. Lesson no 1, never argue with the Scotts, we are not in our territory, ha ha ha!

Bon, we regrouped again in the room of 8beds, putting all our luggages in one side and told the attendant we will be back before 4pm, because we would like to roam around the city by tour bus, so we intend to leave our stuffs in this room and picked it up later.
She said okay, no problem.

We went to a carboot in princess street, shopped around , take pictures, took a tour of edinbrugh, eat in a chinese  resto, (remember, we are on a budget, so we try to eat more, but economical, thinking, no more meals after this lunch, lol!

Out of the restaurant we went to buy tickets for the bus tour, hop on hop off in one of their tourists areas, We enjoy the weather, the scottish men in "skirt"( sorry i dont know the name they call it)  i bought two scottish scarves and butter biscuits and i planned to buy a huge luggage because our shoppings are everywhere, I cannot accept taking a train like we were sort of refugées, so i went inside a shop to buy an extra  luggage, which in the end, it was all not mine but mostly from our group's shopping, but never mind, as long as we enter the train we are dignified, we show respect to the quality of East coast train , it is clean and modern and to show,we are true tourist,he he, we are not "what evers", lol

 The scottish lady was cleaning our room, and I know she is a bit of a disciplinarian,67 years old she says, retired, but owner called her to work, and , with all our luggages, she cannot clean well, and one of us, forgot to get a shower, (she has to re clean again the shower... One of us lay down in one of the bed she already changed, and here she comes saying: You must not lay down in the bed, it will be creased up again, now I have to change it again because the next guests will accuse the hotel , we are not changing bed sheets everyday, etc etc.
Hmmm, seems she has a bad day, but never mind, life continues, it is not the end of the world...

Before leaving the room that day, I gave a ten pound tip. For a mug of beer to clear her throat, haha!

Bon, at 4pm, we took a taxi to fetch our bags inside the hotel, while the children with two mothers went to wait for us in the train station.  scooped all luggages inside the taxi, drove to the train station and when saw the group, jumped inside the train which is about to leave in ten minutes.

Exciting, but it will be revealed , next post, as another exciting story !
P.S ,comments are welcome.
If you feel you need to say something about scotland, or this post, WELCOME!

see yah!
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Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Raclette Meal

table grill with eight individual tray portions
Having a raclette meal is an experience where everyone can do their own cooking directly at the table using one of the modern table top grills. The host will usually do some simple preparation of the ingredients before hand i.e. slice up the cheese, boil/roast some potatoes and cut up extra accompaniments and the rest of the work the guests do themselves. This usually will free up the host to enjoy the company of the friends or family instead of leaving their guests to attend to food cooking in the kitchen. Preparation is simple and can be done hours before and stored in the refrigerator.
An ideal dinner party idea or just something special for the family to enjoy, especially the kids - it will surely become a favourite occasion in your home during cold winter evenings or for simply summer entertaining outdoors.
Just like the Cheese Fondue, where cheese and fine white wine are fused magnificently together, the Raclette style of eating can also be adapted using a variety of cheeses that suit to your particular taste. Any cheese that melts well is ideal. In Australia the most ideal of course is Fromart Raclette,Maleny Raclette or Heidi Farm Raclette Cheese, especially made forraclette grills. Other hard cheeses such as Jarlsberg, Emmental, Gouda, Gruyère and vintage cheddar are well worth a try.
While the farmer favourites eaten with the cheese were foods such as cured meats, picked onions and gherkins you can choose ingredients such as leg ham, prosciutto (thin Italian ham), tomatoes, pineapple, capsicum, prawns, fresh or dried herbs, avocado, onions, marinated chicken or beef, mushrooms, celery, asparagus, olives or crusty bread. There are no set rules to follow - except perhaps to avoid using your fork on the non stick surfaces of your grill, as special wooden raclette scrapers are used instead.
It's an occasion where the choices are up to the guests themselves and so you can sit back, have fun, take your time and truly relax and enjoy the satisfaction of entertaining at home.

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Mme Gouvernante

Sorry guys, I been missing blogging again since four months. I ve been hooked to Facebook, that is why, I was not blogging.
But, here are my updates:
1. Loraine is presently working  in Yacht. She is earning pretty well as a stewardess.
2. Margie is a chamber maid in Hotel Negresco in Nice.
3. Anjo is waiting for his approval of his french citizen.
4.Lolo, he never gets old. He still can be mistaken as 59, haha.

Chico and Kikay are still the favorites. And I m going to London, May 3, again for some escapades.

Bon, about work,  I was elevated to a position as a Gouvernante. I still do the ironing, cleaning, but added tasks are reporting to the Boss, whats up, in side his house hold while he is away, maintain his silvers, keep his wardrobe tidy and his dry clean picked up, drive to grocery to buy his stuffs, he gave me a visa premier card for the household expenses, and I can decide to put some new decorations in his house if I see fit. I just have to propose and he dispose.

 I can set a table and serve meals , but no dinner planned in the house! The Boss is always on travel.  I have those qualifications, but the Boss decides, he eats outside, including breakfasts, so what I do, I just maintain the two floors apartment like  a show room.
Meaning, the cushions in living rooms, must be in same order, the dust must be cleaned up, the hair of the carpets well combed, the pictures are hanged correctly, the orchids are blooming with flowers,  his  hundred  pairs of  shoes and neckties and evening suits are well  organized by colors, designs and styles .

As if I work with a "Cruella de Vila" in The lady that wears Prada, haha The difference, my Boss is a gentleman, he treats his staffs like human beings, never a slave.

Salary, hmmm, baka matumba kayo sa inuupuan niyo, joke. Baba kasi, haha.
Monday to Friday, from 7h30 to 16:00

The Boss gave me two cars now registered in my names. One car, for my so so shopping,including buying his newspaper and one car for my personal outings, for having a night out with husband.
I still work with the Secretary, she is now the Assistant Personnel of my Boss, so we work together not to upset our Boss on anything. Haha.

She looks after the 6 luxurious cars, not cleaning it herself, but she organized it to have it clean  regularly by a car wash shop.

Sometimes, I wonder how come I have all this experiences in my life. My Boss said: my english is perfect. That saves me to keep the work. My french is improving, I can discuss with anybody, with all confidence, even the grammar is a bit twisted. Sometimes.

You see, my goal is to work, as a maid for a start, then go aim a goal, go up to a position that suits my qualifications.
I do not want to stay twenty years of my life doing the same work, with out progressing to a better position. And Salary.

Even the maid I am, must update my knowledge, I am now a gouvernante.
I govern. I supervise. I checked if everything is alright to the Boss' standards.
I am a gouvernante. And I will be a tough one, but still  keeps my  feet on the ground.
Kaya ko kaya to? Picture of kikay the favorite, me in boss bentley, and lolo and me, happy together!

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do not follow daw!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013
Bonjour!   Olalah, I have to make a drama so I search these:

Do Not Follow “Unrealities
14 Imagine that your journey took you across a vast desert. What would happen if you veered off the road to pursue a mirage? Pursuing that illusion could cost you your life! Jehovah well knows that danger. Consider an example. The Israelites wanted to be like the nations around them, who were ruled by human kings. That desire was, in fact, a grave sin, for it amounted to a rejection of Jehovah as their King. Although Jehovah allowed them to have a human king, he had his prophet Samuel deliver a pointed warning about pursuing “unrealities.”—Read 1 Samuel 12:21.
15 Did those people think that a human king would somehow be more real, more dependable, than Jehovah? If so, they were truly pursuing an unreality! And they were in danger of pursuing many other satanic illusions. Human kings would easily lead them into idolatry. Idolaters make the mistake of thinking that physical objects—gods made of wood or stone—are somehow more real, more reliable, than the invisible God, Jehovah, who created all things. But as the apostle Paul noted, idols are “nothing.” (1 Cor. 8:4) They cannot see, hear, speak, or act. You might be able to see them and touch them, but if you were to worship one, you would, indeed, be pursuing an unreality—an empty illusion that would bring only disaster.—Ps. 115:4-8.
16 Satan is still adept at convincing people to pursue unrealities. For instance, he has seduced innumerable people into looking to material things to provide security. Money, possessions, and high-paying jobs may seem to deliver advantages. What do material things deliver, though, when health fails, when the economy crumbles, or when a natural disaster strikes? What do they deliver when people feel empty inside, in need of purpose, direction, and answers to life’s deeper questions? What relief can they deliver in the face of death? If we look to material things to fill spiritual needs, we will be disappointed. Material possessions do not deliver; they are unrealities. In the long run, they cannot even provide physical security, for they have no lasting effect on the present brevity of human life or the likelihood of sickness and death. (Prov. 23:4, 5) How much more real, then, is our God, Jehovah! Only in a strong relationship with him can we find genuine security. What a precious blessing that is! Let us never forsake him in the pursuit ofunrealities.
17 Are we not blessed to have Jehovah as our Friend and Guide on life’s journey? If we continue to heed his loving warnings against three bad influences—the crowd, our own hearts, and unrealities—we will be much more likely to reach our destination of everlasting life. In the following article, let us consider three more warnings that Jehovah provides to help us hate and avoid the false paths that lead so many astray.—Ps. 119:128.
What Do You Think?
How can you make personal application of the principles revealed in the following scriptures?

Good na ba? i have to do it in French, mama mia!
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